Camelot Social Cooperative

Camelot is an Italian cooperative that, since 1999, provides social services in Ferrara, Bologna and Ravenna Municipalities.

We offer services in education, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion, in order to support community regeneration and to improve people’s health and well-being.
Thanks to an expert and young team with specific know-how, Camelot provide high-quality professional services and innovation through a constant research for best practices.

A multi-stakeholder approach is considered as an essential tool for people’s empowerment and development and to enhance the quality of the provided services. Therefore, we continuously work to extend the network with private and public bodies.


Integrated services for immigration
Since 2001 Camelot has been supporting public administration in providing information, advice, and assistance services concerning migration to Italian and foreign citizens. Moreover, Camelot helps private and public bodies in order to analyse and manage problems related to foreign and Italian citizens.

Since 2001 we manage the Integrated Services Center for Immigration (CSII). The CSII supports the 23 Municipalities of Ferrara provinces in:
– Providing advice and assistance for all issues related to entry and residence in Italy of citizens from foreign countries;
– Promoting public events about integration and intercultural dialogue;
– Operating as a link node for the regional networks against discrimination.
In 2016 among 36.200 users benefited of the services provided by CSII.

Hosting, protection and integration for asylum seekers and refugees.
Since 2006 we have been taking care of immigrants fleeing war and persecution, developing a model of hosting and integration that promotes the self reliance of refugees and asylum seekers and creating a positive social impact in the hosting communities.
We have long experience in SPRAR project management, the Protection Service for Asylum Seekers and Refugees of the Ministry of Interior addressed to asylum seekers and refugees (ordinary, people with disability or health – physical or mental – diseases, unaccompanied minors and young asylum seekers). Specifically, Camelot manages SPRAR projects in Bologna, Ferrara, Ravenna and Imola areas, and provide support services, counseling and legal aid to public administrations.
Moreover, Camelot has been developing and managing about a hundred projects fund with IEF, ERF, AMIF.

Camelot promotes integration between refugees and local communities through the innovative social project Vesta ( It consists of a web platform which allows Bologna citizens to host young refugees, as soon as they come of age. People who wish to host a refugee may apply, Vesta staff performs an initial assessment and summons suitable candidates for an interview. Those who successfully pass the interview are trained in order to put them fully aware of what all is involved in hosting.
Hosts sign a Convention and Vesta regulations, next they sign an Agreement for the Reception with the guest.

Intercultural mediation and courses in civic education and the Italian language
Thanks to an expert team of linguistic-cultural mediators, Camelot offers intercultural mediation services aimed at facilitating the communication and improving the knowledge and the intercultural comprehension. Camelot also offers Italian courses for foreigners, in order to promote their autonomy and integration.

Some numbers (data registered the end of the 2016) :
Camelot has been providing more than 8700 hours of mediation and 3400 of Italian courses as second language in primary and secondary schools of Ferrara and Bologna provinces.

Social Mediation
For more than 10 years, Camelot has been implementing projects concerning conflict mediation in complex socio-cultural contexts, community development, and social research. Through a constant networking with citizens, associations and public bodies, Camelot stimulates the inclusion and participation of communities in urban life, improves the livability of common spaces and sets in motion virtuous self-organization processes and conflict prevention.

Currently, Camelot manage social and housing mediation centers.
Moreover, Camelot implemented an innovative project called Pilastro 2016.
Pilastro was a development project of Pilastro area, situated in the suburb of Bologna. The aim of that project was to add value to this zone, connecting the share and cultural capital with the economic need of the area. Moreover, Pilastro represented the first try to build a cooperative community.


We offer solutions for pre-school (0-6) and school-aged children needs. Our specialized workers manage nursery schools, breakfast clubs, after-school activities, summer schools, summer recreation centers, meeting places for young people (games rooms and multimedia centers), environmental sustainability workshops etc.. Moreover, we collaborate with public bodies, schools, families and associations, providing support for disabled children, with particular regard to Specific Learning Disorder (SLD). Case-managers and educators are also in charge of the inclusion of foreign children/young people in training and empowerment programs, rising their skills and capabilities.

During 2016 in Ferrara province:
• over 500 children and young people from primary and secondary schools attended our after school
• 36 children and young people were supported by our tutors specialized in Specific Learning Disorders
• over 550 children participated in our Summer Centers
• 77 Conscious Consumers’ Laboratories were created together with Coop Alliance 3.0.


We carry out projects of support, respite care and socialization defined on the basis of the specific needs of people who are not self-sufficient, due to age, disability or specific health conditions. Thanks to multidisciplinary skills, our professionals create specific paths in order to provide stimulation, promote autonomy and avoid social isolation.

Some of our services: Café Alzheimer for patients and caregiver, laboratories using techniques of music therapy against diseases like Parkinson, day-care institutions for the elderly.
Moreover, Camelot participate in ComeTe, a network of associations and cooperatives that offer social and health services in five regions.


Through personalized paths we manage the work inclusion of disadvantaged people and those at risk of social exclusion. We promote their economic stability through four types of paths: training, work experience/job placement, assistance, rehabilitative treatment plans.
Currently, the work inclusion maintenance of green spaces, cleaning and maintenance services, surveillance, management of kennels, billposting, food service.